I popped into the Dial Arch the other day. You’d never know you were in Woolwich there. Despite the 6 or so pumps I still found myself missing the amazing selection you find in American bars. When I went to the States I was expecting a small range consisting of something like Bud and Miller, and then maybe a Bud light if lucky. I was completely wrong, and bloody ignorant about the place. Instead I found that the micro brewing craze that has developed in the UK over the past couple of decades is huge over there, and there was an amazing range of beers in every bar I went to, whether in small towns or cities. There were plentiful IPAs, stouts, wheat beers, pilsners and loads more freely available. I must confess though I did still have a Bud. In my defence they were only $1 a pint. Oh for a Samual Adams in the hot summer sun. I’ve missed that.

So I had a couple of beers in the Dial Arch, but they were all pretty similar and nothing special. It was waggledance and Young’s Special that I had. I tried my friends Young’s pint which was similar. Can’t remember what one it was. I didn’t indulge in a bottle though as I shudder to think how expensive they’d be. A friend had a cider bottle which was £4.90 I think. Put me off. Lovely building and pub though.

So anyway while there I saw that the scaffolding was down on the new build flats directly behind. I went and took some pictures. I think the building is a handsome addition to the site. I wish stuff like this could go up a lot more widely. A solid brick building with decent sized windows and correct proportions. What do you think?

While there I saw that the car park next to the pub and through road were closed until 2014, and a warehouse had been demolished. Anyone know if Berkeley Homes have started work on the next stage?