lord hood

Developers are looking to demolish the attractive Lord Hood pub in Greenwich. Proposals to replace the building on Creek Road are before Greenwich Council’s Planning Board this week. Planning officers are recommending approval for a new scheme comprising a replacement pub/bar and eight flats.

The existing building is already four-stories with a similar height to its neighbours – Up the Creek comedy club on one side and new-build housing the other. It doesn’t waste land. There’s plenty of scope to build on land to the rear and this should not necessitate the entire demolition of this building.

lord hood replacement

Utilising the extensive land to the rear of the pub (which is also owned by the developers) for a new build would provide similar numbers of flats as this new proposal, with access provided at Bardsley Lane. Then add in flats above the retained pub in the existing four-storey building and these proposals aren’t even likely to give a net gain in homes.

Site plan shows amount of land at rear
Site plan shows amount of land at rear

With thousands of new-build flats now going up within five minutes walk there’s clearly plenty of potential future custom to ensure this pub has a long and successful future whilst remaining in a building with character. It’s hard to see any positives from this proposal.