Berkeley Homes will be holding consultation events this weekend on revised plans for 150 new homes plus new squares beside the forthcoming Woolwich Crossrail station.

You can find out more by visiting Building 10 (which hosts the farmers market and next to the Tap Room pub) on Friday 20th May from 3-7pm and Saturday 21st from 10am-4pm.

arsenal consultation

Initial plans in 2014 intended to demolish the Grade II listed Building 11, or Officer’s House, and use the space for a taxi rank. Thankfully those deeply flawed plans were shelved.

The initial plan appeared to show enough space for a taxi turning circle even without demolition. Demolition would also have meant losing a sense of enclosure to both Dial Arch Square and the proposed Royal Arsenal Square.

royal square
2014 plans

Thankfully retention of the handsome Officer’s House allows the possibility that the ground floor can be used as a pub or shop. Located directly beside the Crossrail entrance, the spot will be very lucrative. That aspect was another element which made prior plans flawed. With commercial space in a carefully renovated building, Woolwich gains another decent eatery, pub or shop. Careful alterations to the building could also potentially improve permeability.

Up to 150 homes are also planned. Presumably some will be above the commercial space in Building 11 / Officer’s House.

It will be interesting to see what is proposed for the shed-like Building 10. A regular market is currently held there. Will there be space for this to continue, or could it move to the new square planned just outside or at Dial Arch Square? With news of the indoor market’s sale over the road on Spray Street, could a regular market on a site there incorporate it in future years?