Plans are in to build a commercial unit and flats on a car park opposite the former Arches Leisure Centre in Greenwich.

The plans appear to suggest the commercial space will be one unit. A supermarket perhaps? It’s a pretty conservative design, as may be expected close to the World Heritage site.

Car park site on left

I’m a bit surprised they havn’t tried to push the roofline up another level.

The car park site is pretty small. Further up is another car park. Is this council owned?



It’s a large site and I’m surprised it hasn’t been sold for housing. It shouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility to incorporate a basement and ground floor car park behind commercial units, to mitigate against a loss of parking space, with housing above.

There’s also a petrol station in between the two car parks which accommodates a large area of land. I wonder how long that will last.

The planning reference is: 16/2555/F. Click here to see.