A small 1980s block is being demolished at a riverside spot in Greenwich. The new block will be 10-storeys high and located beside New Capital Quay.

I covered this block in a previous post here.

New Capital Quay and Fuller’s Sail Loft pub are on the right of new block in this render

It appears a bit similar to River Gardens, located a few hundred metres away towards the Peninsula, which I noticed yesterday had a new concrete core appear for the next block.

This spot on the river affords views of Enderby Wharf and Precision developments, located beside River Gardens:

And nearby it seems the concrete core of Essential Living’s 100% private rental tower by the Creek has topped out:

Deptford Creek tower

Those squat 1980s/90s yellow brick blocks, similar in appearance to that being demolished further east, look ripe for change. They are office space and not residential.