Here’s a quick update on a couple of large towers rising in Woolwich. First up is Berkeley’s third riverside tower. This is well underway as the concrete cores reach around floor 10:

More external finishes are visible on the first two towers to top out:

A view showing them in context with the river:

Just over the road is the Callis Yard development. The low rise section of this development has been underway for a while but no sign of the tower up to now. It now appears preliminary work is underway:

The column to the left of the concrete structure is where the tower will be located. Here’s how it should appear when complete:

Berkeley’s other plot at “Pavilion Square” has pretty much topped out. This is however not high rise. Here it is with the new Premier Inn hotel on the right:

And the completed scheme should look a lot like this, when viewed from Dial Arch square: