The patch of greenery in front of Tesco in Woolwich town centre will be fenced off under plans before Greenwich Council’s planning board next week.

The plans state:

“The proposed hoarding would be erected through the existing kerb which
separates the grassland and the pavement along Woolwich New Road,
Thomas Street and Love Lave (on both north and west sides of the site), and
it would be of 2.4metre high.”

Developers Meyer Homes purchased the site from Tesco in 2015. They have since held consultations on building a 30-storey tower. This is despite it contravening plans in the Master Plan for the Thomas Street area Greenwich Council have spent a long time, and a fair bit of money, drawing up.

The Masterplan proposed a smaller height limit of 15 stories, as the image above taken in a 2016 draft of the Thomas Street SPD reveals. It doesn’t seem this SPD has yet been adopted despite the expense of producing and consulting upon it.

Here’s the tower Meyer Homes consulted on: