Greenwich Council are currently running a public consultation on possible uses of the gasholder at Greenwich Peninsula. The site states:

With the potential decommissioning of the existing gas holder, the site will be able to accommodate alternative, and more intensive uses. This Planning Brief sets out an overarching framework to guide any future development of the site

There’s some good examples of what to do with the site. The exterior frame of a gasholder in Kings Cross has been retained with flats built inside.

Another at Kings Cross has been turned into a park.

Greenwich’s plan is that:

The GP3 site will be redeveloped to address existing environmental constraints and create a high quality residential-led mixed use neighbourhood to provide for the community of Greenwich and play an integral role in the development of Greenwich Peninsula as a world class district for London.

Well considered and sensitive design will respond to the site context and ensure the delivery of a healthy new neighbourhood, which is appropriate to its setting and capitalises on the opportunities to connect to and support development across the peninsula, including the O2 Arena, cultural district and adjacent Developments.

Of course, one major issue is plans to build a bloody great tunnel next to the site supported by the same Greenwich Council that wants to build a “healthy” community directly beside. Plans for the Silvertown Tunnel have just been analysed at a planning inquiry, with results due later this year.

The approach road will not be altered despite another tunnel being built which will attract more traffic. Add in Ikea, large new schools and other new retail parks nearby and congestion looks like going only one way.

An associated document admits this:

Gasholder consultation 3

It mentions mitigating this but how effective will that be?

The consultation also mentions pedestrian and cycle links. They are badly needed all over Charlton and Greenwich. I’ll write another post on that soon, but millions have been flooding in to Greenwich Council from various large scale developments in the area and pedestrian routes are still often dire.

The Ikea plans will get final approval this week and there’s nothing definitive about new crossings to the north of the site across busy dual carriageways to new and existing housing. A large new school is underway nearby – 1600 students and as far I can tell no new crossings. More hotels or hotel expansions in the area and the same story. Pedestrians routes are similarly poor at the new Brocklebank Retail Park in Charlton.

Charlton Retail park public realm (5)

Charlton Retail park public realm (2)
Pedestrian desire line evident

Sydenham gasholders

An example of what not to do with gasholder is seen at Sydenham. Developers propose demolishing gasholders and instead building a retail shed and single level car park. A huge waste of land in London at the best of times, let alone resulting from demolition of a local asset.

Click here to fill in the consultation.

It runs until 17th July.