A very brief update with some not very recent photos, but it does show the pretty swift progress between the Plumstead tunnel entrance and Abbey Wood station. Firstly, we have a new footbridge installed, and it’s a bit of a horror show. Greenwich council’s power over the design was probably limited but surely they could have consulted with Crossrail on designs, as this is a blot on the area. DSCF2347 This is just going to put pedestrians off using the crossing. The need for long disabled access slopes, the need for protection of the line with mesh, that’s all necessary, but this is hardly the way to do it. Big fail from Crossrail here. With quite a bit more Crossrail related infrastructure to come along the widened rail corridor lets hope this isn’t a portent of what’s to come, away from the favoured new station area. Around this bridge, posts have been going in over the past few weeks for the overhead electrified power lines:

Looking towards Abbey Wood station

The wire mesh can be seen covering the entirety of disabled bridge access, which seems overkill. The exposed concrete base will not look too good when weathered and graffitied. Turning 180 degrees, and looking directly towards the tunnel entrance taking the line to Woolwich station: Abbey Wood crossrail inesThe line heading off to the right will head to the new maintenance yard and sidings being constructed at Plumstead. This substantial facility was quite late in planning, and was absent in initial plans. It will provide some much needed, local skilled employment. Above the Woolwich station box, construction of the towers continues apace:

Berkeley Homes' development above Woolwich Crossrail station
Berkeley Homes’ development above Woolwich Crossrail station

I didn’t realise the tower in the foreground would be appearing so soon. Just across from it, Armourers Court will appear in a few years:

Berkely tower on left with Armourers to right
Berkeley tower on left with Armourers to right

It’s a great shame Woolwich station will not have entrances at both ends of the station. Yes, the station was touch and go for some time, but since then many housing applications have come in alongside new plans such as Spray Street masterplan, which could have helped fund an eastern entrance to aid Plumstead. The station box is a substantial length, and a public eastern entrance would save quite some walking time for those in Plumstead. As it is, only an emergency exit is being built at the eastern end.

For frequent updates and information on the project it’s well worth looking at Bexley is Bonkers updates here.