Fairview D and A part 1

Another development is proposed along Deptford Creek. This one is from Fairview Homes, is 14-storeys high in places and located beside the listed Mumford & Co mill on the site of Booker Cash and Carry. The planning reference is 16/1792/F.

Consultation was held in March. Details of that can be seen by clicking here.

Since then advice from CABE led to changes. One of the main differences is the orientation of the pitched roofs. Roof gables are now facing the Creek. The use of red has also been reduced. It did look very 1980s but I was quite fond of it. Another change is an increased stepped effect effect down to its Greenwich High Road frontage.

Fairview 3

Of all the recent plethora of Creekside housing developments, this is probably the best. The proportions seem decent with both street and Creek frontages of a decent standard. Pitched roofs help a lot; many other nearby developments are boxy and flat roofed. Not too sure of the materials used though – it does make it look a bit like some cheap sheds plonked on top.

Kent Wharf is also now rising nearby and looks pretty generic and unsympathetic to its surroundings.

kent wharf 3

It’s also offers no interaction with the street at ground floor level if this render is accurate. Here’s the site taken from a passing train:

kent wharf construction

It also looked like the site in the foreground had recently been cleared. I havn’t seen any plans for this site but eventual use for housing seems very likely. The other side of the river shows the Jones furniture factory – or ‘Sun Wharf’. It looks like more housing will be built there with consultation in February.

Also now rising nearby is the new blocks at the Faircharm art studio site.


It’s now above ground and rising quickly:


It goes without saying that amounts of affordable housing is small across most schemes.

Some of these schemes are likely to complete before January 2018. Before then newcomers will experience gaps in peak time trains at Deptford station up to 23 minutes. Those alterations begin with the August timetable change. I imagine the DLR will be expected to pick up the strain, though it will very likely not see any additional stock until 2020.