Revised plans have been submitted to increase the number of homes to be built in the last phase of ‘Greenwich Square’ on the former site of Greenwich Hospital.

Developers Hadley Mace are looking to up the total number of home by 41, taking the total to 686 from 645. The number of habitable rooms increases to 1981.


Around half the site has currently been built or is under construction.


The revised plans have seen a couple of stories added to the block.


It all looks a bit dated and early 2000s. It wont be winning any awards.

Over the road

A couple of other smaller developments are now underway or imminent, as covered in this post on smaller east Greenwich developments.

One is the demolition of the old Cycle Warehouse shop for a block of flats:

cycle warehouse

And what it will become:

cycle shop

I wonder if it is feasible to close the junction directly beside here leading onto narrow one-way Rodmere Street.


It could then permit altering this stretch to improve things for pedestrians – removing a crossing, barriers, opening up the space and lengthening the designated cycle lane by 10-20 metres. Also removing a rat-run but still allowing easy access to residents from Vanbrugh Hill.

The whole junction is pretty horrible and extremely ugly. Small steps like this could occur and not have much impact on bigger changes planned down the line. It’s the kind of thing that puts people off walking and with east Greenwich in line for environmental and green initiatives, making walking more attractive to people is key to changing behaviour. Though I’m not a resident, so it would be interesting to hear their thoughts.

On the opposite side of the junction the former Greenwich Town Social Forum is being demolished for a block of flats and replacement club.

greenwich social club now

greenwich social club

Demolition of the existing building is already well underway. This 18 flat scheme will see a replacement club.

EDIT: Another proposal is for 33 student flats behind the old east Greenwich library. I wasn’t sure it had begun but have just seen a tweet from Mister Greenwich on twitter with a photo showing demolition at the site begun on Monday.


And the finished building should appear like this:

denham street 33 flats student

Thanks to @mistergreenwich