Plans for a 22-storey tower on Greenwich Peninsula will be considered by Greenwich Council’s Planning Board next week. The site (snappily named as plot 18.03) will be between the forthcoming St Mary Magdalene school for 1600 pupils and the park running down the middle of the Peninsula. The total number of flats in this plot is 220. The level of “affordable” is just 25%.

I’m liking the use of subdued varied colour in these blocks, as well recesses in the facade towards the top. There’s a solid grid facade in the “New London Vernacular” style which is now extremely widespread across the capital. No tacked-on balconies which often look a bit cheap and an afterthought. The architects are Duggan Morrison.


Plan are also in for a plot next door to 18.03, which is handily named 18.02. This plot is directly north and should be before the Planning Board shortly after its neighbour over the coming months. The site has a slightly taller tower which tops out at 26 storeys:


242 homes are planned here. The planning reference for this is 16/1776/R.



Like its neighbour this plot uses a range of colours and a grid facade, though without recesses to break the massing.


Once again I couldn’t see anything about improving pedestrian and cycling links to east Greenwich and the “old” town. They are pretty dire which I covered here when I looked into links. So it’s likely that many residents will use buses. Yep, those same buses that Ikea are relying on for many to reach their proposed store.

It’s to be hoped Greenwich Council spend at least small sums on improving links between the Peninsula and elsewhere with future developments. They’re now forced to spend 15% of developer income from the Community Infrastructure Levy locally due to recent rule changes. They’ve chosen the bare minimum percentage required, and compares badly to other boroughs which have stipulated 25%. I’ll cover that soon, but even 15% of such vast income can do much to make walking and cycling a far better prospect than it now is.

By denying better links less people will visit the shops in east Greenwich. The many independent shops along Trafalgar Road will lose out on much potential custom.